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Coronavirus is changing our world by the day. The best way for us to do our part to aid public health is to postpone upcoming volunteer build events until COVID-19 is no longer a threat. Once the public health situation improves, and mass gatherings are once again permitted, we will begin to allow volunteers to the worksite. If there are any changes to the status of the Habitat build site, we will communicate those updates ASAP via our webpage and social media.

Helping on a Habitat construction site is one of the most unique, hands-on volunteer opportunities in the St. Johns County area. Whether you have never swung a hammer or you're a seasoned professional, we provide the training and tools needed to make a difference that you’ll see and feel at the end of the day. From building new homes to repairing existing ones, all construction volunteers build the strength and self-reliance a family needs to change their lives through homeownership.


Individual Volunteers

  • The easiest way to set up a time to volunteer is by using our online registration system.
  • Click the link below, create a username, and sign up for an open time slot.
  • No experience needed! We will teach you the construction skills, supervise your work, and ensure you are following safety protocols.
  • Habitat provides community service hours for schools and churches.
  • Our volunteer days run through a Tuesday to Saturday schedule.

Individual Volunteer Sign Up
  • Create a username

    Navigate to our volunteer sign up to create a username and password. Click Here!

  • Pick your day

    Review our calendar and sign up for a day. View full month.

  • Confirm

    Check your email to review where you will be meeting, how to prepare, and safety items.

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Group Volunteers

  • This volunteer option is available for groups that include schools, faith based organizations, rotaries, buisness clubs, and non -profits.
  • Suggested levels of financial support to sign up for a day is $100-$250 for entire group, dependent on group size and number of days requested.
  • Your contribution will be used to purchase items such as equipment and building materials that your group will use when they volunteer.
  • In appreciation and recognition of your group's generosity, Habitat will boost  your group participation on our social media.
  • Group volunteering is a great way to promote team building, problem solving, and community action within your organization.
  • Habitat will provide t-shirts, training, safety monitoring, and supervising on the construction site during your time with us.

Group Volunteer Sign Up


Inspirational words of wisdom

“At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished… it’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.”
Denzel Washington
“Our generation has the ability and the responsibility to make our ever-more connected world a more hopeful, stable and peaceful place.”
Natalie Portman


Corporate Volunteers

  • This option is available for Small Businesses and Large Corporations.
  • Suggested levels of financial support to sign up for a day is $500-$1000 for your company.
  • Your contribution will invest funds back into the community to continue to bring affordable housing to St. Johns County.
  • In appreciation and recognition of your corporate volunteer generosity, Habitat will recognize your contribution in our newsletter and social media sites. 
  • We will create a unique team building experience for your company. Research shows that corporate volunteering promotes team moral, builds camaraderie, and improves productivity.
  • Habitat will reserve a day just for your company. We will provide each volunteer with a t-shirt. In addition we will provide detailed orientation, guide in training, supervise on the construction site, and ensure safety protocol for your team. 

Corporate Volunteer Sign Up

Our Corporate Volunteers!

  • Flexibility

    87% of workers become more adaptable to change

  • Innovation

    97% see improvement in mental flexibility

  • Strength

    76% experience benefits of physical & emotional level

Benefits of Corporate

  • Data is from  International Association for Volunteering Effort
  • Many of our Corporate partners feel passionate about our mission and take part in our house sponsorship program.

Corporate Sponsorship
  • Integration

    64% say they have stronger working relationships

  • Self-esteem

    87% gain more confidence and pride in their work

  • Stress Relief

    78% feel a reduction in stress levels & higher productivity

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